Religious violence kills six

Toronto Sun
June 10, 1984

NEW DELHI, India (UPI) — Sikh snipers shot and killed two soldiers in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar yesterday.

Religious violence elsewhere in Punjab state left four people dead, a government spokesman said.

Government troops exchanged fire with Sikh extremists in the walled sector of Amritsar near the Golden Temple complex seized earlier this week from Sikh radicals.

No casualties were reported in that clash but "stray sniping" from Sikh militants killed two soldiers in residential areas of Amritsar, north of New Delhi, the spokesman said.

The Press Trust of India said officials had cremated the bodies of more than 470 people killed during the capture of the 15-acre temple compound, the Sikh religion's holiest shrine.

Maj. Gen. S. Brar, who led the assault Wednesday on the Golden Temple, increased the death toll in the attack to 55 troops and 300 to 400 Sikhs. He said 320 people were wounded and about 1,500 Sikhs captured in the assault, which began Tuesday night.

Outside Amritsar, troops shot several Sikh prisoners trying to escape but no details were available on the incident, the Press Trust said.

Security forces clamped tight round the clock curfews on most of Punjab, home to the majority of India's 12 million Sikhs.

Sikh extremists have killed more than 330 people in the last three months in a terrorist campaign to win political and economic autonomy for the rich agricultural state in the north of India.

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