India faces all-out war, Sikh warns

Toronto Sun
June 10, 1984

The conflict in India's Punjab state is on the verge of all out war, warns a leader of the Sikhs' Akali Dal party:

"The situation is becoming worse and more and more Sikhs are rebelling," said Mangit Singh, who arrived in Toronto last night to rally support among Canadian Sikhs.

"We are seeking support from all friendly countries who care about human rights and we appeal to the conscience of the world."

Singh accused the Indian government of Indira Gandhi of "trying to submerge us" with brutal force to extend Hindu rule in Punjab.

The Sikhs, fighting for autonomy in their northern state, claim the Gandhi government has violated the conditions under which they joined India. They claim the right to a separate religious, linguistic and political identity.

Singh speaks at Sri Guru Singh Sabha TemĀ­ple, 31 Old Weston Rd., today at 5:30 p.m.

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