I had to stop Sikh threat Gandhi tells Prairie girl

Toronto Star
June 17, 1984

NEW DELHI (UPI) - A 10 year-old Winnipeg schoolgirl who wrote to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi about events in the troubled Punjab state will be getting a personal reply.

Gandhi’s letter released yesterday in the capital New Delhi, explains to Ruby Dhalla that she ordered the army to fight Sikh extremists and invade the Golden Temple to prevent the breakup of India.

“Dear Prime Minister… I am writing to you since I am worried about India because there are so many fights, especially in Punjab state.” Ruby wrote. “I don’t know why they want a separate state and so many other desires.

“I don’t know why Indian people don’t think about their betterment and their part of share for India.”

In her letter, Ruby was hopeful. “You will settle all of these things, I hope as soon as possible,” she said. “If I can help in any way please let me know.”

Gandhi replied that she was sure that “Sikhs all over India and even those who have made their home elsewhere will recognize the harm that the extremists were doing to them.”

She said she ordered the army against Sikh extremists because “their actions were calculated to break up India.”

The Indian army stormed the Sikhs holy temple in Amritsar on June 6.

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