Women 'suicide marching'

Toronto Sun
July 16, 1984

AMRITSAR, India (UPI) — Sikh women armed with traditional swords will descend on the Golden Temple in a "suicide march" today to demand Indian security forces withdraw from the shrine, Sikh leaders said yesterday.

"We may face bullets but we will go forward," said Rajinder Kaur, who said she would lead the all-female march to demand Indian security withdraw from the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the Sikh's holiest shrine.

"Monday will be the beginning of Shahidi Morcha (suicide march)," she said. "The first squad will be followed by others every day until the troops pull out from the Golden Temple" in northern Punjab state.

In preparation for the march, members of the paramilitary Border Security Force, armed with rifles and submachine guns, set up positions at the Baba Dip Singh shrine in Amritsar, the women's planned starting point.

Authorities erected barbed wire fences along the mile long route.

"The marchers will be picked up as soon as they step out from the premises of the Baba Dip Singh shrine," a senior police official said. "We expect no resistance."

At the Golden Temple, paramilitary troops could be seen keeping a vigil on rooftops and army personnel at the entrance checked visitors

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