Sikh demonstrators clash with B.C. cops

Toronto Sun
August 16, 1984

WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. (UPC) — A line of riot equipped police battled yesterday with a mob of Sikh demonstrators who attempted to storm the posh West Vancouver residence of the Indian consul-general.

No arrests or serious injuries were reported.

One protester was seen with blood dripping down his forehead. The rear window of the consul-general's car was smashed during a brief fracas.

More than 100 Sikhs, including women and children, assembled outside the residence early in the morning to protest India's independence day.

Protest organizers had vowed to prevent the Indian flag from being raised on the property.

The flag was not raised after police advised consular officials to remain inside the house. About 10 Mounties ringed the flagpole.

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