Nishan Sahib

Sacred Banner of the Sikhs

Flying high above Sikh religious places of worship, the Nishan Sahib banner is a beacon of Sikh identity. Mandated by the Sikh Code of Conduct and Conventions, every Gurdwara is required to fly the Nishan Sahib:

Sikh Rehat Maryada
Section Three, Chapter IV, Article V, paragraph (r)

At a high-level site in every gurdwara should be installed the nishan sahib (Sikh flag). The cloth of the flag should be either of xanthic or of greyish blue color and on top of the flag post, there should either be a spearhead or a Khanda (a straight dagger with convex side edges leading to slanting top edges ending in a vertex).

Explore the evolution and meaning of the sacred banner of the Sikhs – from its spiritual significance to the history of its changing colors, patterns, designs and emblems over the centuries. Learn about the weapons used by Sikhs that have appeared on the Nishan Sahibs and view other flags and emblems often mistaken for a Nishan Sahib or the Sikh khanda emblem.