Warriors Armour

ca. 1700's
private collection

Char-aina (literally 'four mirrors') body armour side plate with gold overlay gurmukhi and floral decorations on watered steel. Char-aina armour features four hinged plates to protect the chest, back and sides of the wearer. The beginning verses of Guru Gobind Singh's composition Akal Ustat decorate the central panel of the plate. There is some variations from the wording of the current version of the poem found in printed versions of the Dasam Granth indicative of its early origins.

"The Lord is One. Copy of the manuscript with exclusive signature, In praise of the All Pervasive Lord written by the Tenth Sovereign (Guru Gobind Singh). The All Pervasive Lord is my Protector. The All-Steel Lord is my Protector. The All-Destroying Lord is my Protector. The All-Steel Lord is ever my Protector. Next is the scribe's signature. Wondrous Lord."