Hukamnama of Guru Tegh Bahadur

ca. 1665-1675
Dr. Gurpal Singh Bhuller collection

An early administrative hukamnama from Guru Tegh Bahadur the 9th Sikh Guru (1621-1675) addressed to the congregation of Benares (Varanasi). Addressed to the congregation and its senior respected members it blesses the congregation and verifies that congregations donations delivered by Bhai Dial Das sucessfully reached the Guru. The Hukamnama requests the congregation to trust Bhai Dayal Das for the delivery of community donations to the Guru.

The Supreme Guru (God) is Truth

Addressed to Bhai Dayal Das, Bhai Ram Rai, Bhai Jawehari, Bhai Kirpal Das, Bhai Bhoti, Kalyan Das, Bhai Sibboo, Seth Dalpat, Bhai Babu Rai, Bhai Bhikhari Das. The Guru's adjuration to the entire congregation of Benares (Varanasi) is to meditate on God: Thereby your lives shall be blessed. The Lord shall fulfil the wishes of the congregation. The offering of one hundred and sixty six rupees from the congregation sent through Bhai Dayal Das has been received by the Guru. The congregation has been blessed with the Guru's pleasure. In future all offerings may be sent through Bhai Dayal Das. The Guru shall grant to the congregation increase in prosperity and fulfilment of wishes.