Early Printed Manuscript

ca. 1883
SSB collection

Title leaf from an early printed manuscript. The title 'Granth Mokh Panth', means 'The Book of Salvation of the People' . The manuscript was commissioned by Bhai Vasava Singh the book seller and written by Bhai Jhandha Singh. It was published in Amritsar in the Nanaksahi year 414 (1883 A.D.). Guru Nanak is shown with his attendants Bala and Mardana in a classical pose with a floral border decorating the page.

With the advent of printed books like this and the first printed Guru Granth Sahib appearing in Punjab in 1864 the art of Sikh calligraphy virtually disappeared by the beginning of the 20th century as patrons were no longer interested in commissioning Sikh calligraphers and scribes.


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