Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony

Sunday November 5, 2023

2:30pm - 3:30pm, Mount Hope Cemetary, Kitchener Ontario
at the Military Grave of Canadian WWI Hero Pte. Buckam Singh

Remembering a Canadian war hero

Honouring the service & sacrifices of soldiers & veterans

Celebrating the Sikh tradition of military service

About the Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Ceremony

An Annual Tradition

The annual Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony is held every year at the historic location of the grave of WWI Canadian hero Private Buckam Singh, the only military grave in Canada of a Sikh soldier from the World Wars.

The Sikh Remembrance Day Ceremony has now become one of the largest annual gathering of Sikh soldiers and veterans in North America. The ceremony allows Canadians the opportunity to appreciate the inclusive nature of our country and the sacrifices made by heroes from diverse backgrounds in making our nation strong and secure.

A Canadian War Hero

Private Buckam Singh

Wounded twice on the battlefields of France in WWI, Canadian soldier Private Buckam Singh was one of only nine Sikh soldiers allowed to serve with Canadian Forces in WWI.

The discovery of his war medal and military grave has led the Sikh community to reclaimed a forgotten son and Canada to reclaimed the story of a war hero.

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The Sikh Military Tradition

A Heritage of Service

Sikhs have a long martial tradition that extends back 400 years to the time of the 6th Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind who said that Sikhs had to be both saints and soldiers.

Over 65,000 Sikh soldiers fought in WWI as part of the British Army and over 300,000 Sikhs fought alongside the allies in WWII.

Today Sikhs can be found in the militaries of many countries around the world including Canada where their religious articles of faith are accommodated and their military heritage is respected.

Photographs of Past Ceremonies

The Remembrance Ceremony has been held at Pte. Buckam Singh's military grave every year since 2008.

We have spectacular photos capturing the special memories from every years ceremony.

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Videos of Past Ceremonies

Map and Directions

Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery
175 Moore Ave Kitchener, Ontario
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