1916 July 24
Admitted to hospital at Manchester

1916 August 9
Mentioned in Toronto newspaper

1916 September 26
Admitted to Convalescent Hospital at Bushey Park

1916 November 4
Transferred to Convalescent Hospital at Epsom

1916 December 22
Discharged from hospital to Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre

1917 March 11
Stationed at West Sandling Camp near Kent, 1st Canadian Convalescent Depot

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Wounded British Army Sikhs standing next to a Cadbury chocolates vending machine,
England c.1915
After making the voyage across the English Channel aboard the Belgian Hospital Ship Jan Breydel Buckam Singh would spend quite a bit of time in a series of hospitals and he recovered from his injury.

The British government had provided a number of hospitals for use by Canadian troops. These were for the most part for the exclusive use of Canadian patients. Troops from other nations were housed in their own hospitals. Sikhs in the British Indian Army received treatment at the Royal Pavillion in Brighton which the King had converted to a hospital for Indian patients as it's exterior resembled a oriental palace and might remind the troops of home.

On July 24th 1916 Buckam Singh was admitted to the 2nd Western General Hospital in Manchester where he would spend two months recovering from his leg wound. It was during this time that he was interviewed by a newspaper reporter from The Toronto Daily Star and his condition as seriously ill was reported back home in the newspaper of August 9 1916.

After two months Buckam Singh was admitted to the King's Canadian Red Cross Convalescent Hospital, Bushy Park at Hampton Hills on September 26th, 1916. Here his condition was monitored, a doctors report recommended 4 weeks of massage therapy.

Once the doctors determined that Buckam Singh had now in good enough shape to be sent to a recovery hospital, he was transferred to the Canadian Military Convalescent Hospital, Woodcote Park at Epsom on November 4th, 1916. After one month, by December 22nd he was determined to be in good enough condition to be discharged.

Upon discharge from the Woodcote hospital Buckam was by March 11, 1917 stationed at West Sandling Camp, north of Maidstone, Kent. Here at the Central Ontario Regimental Depot he awaited his eventual transfer back to the front lines in France.