The Sikh Empire - Coins

Coins in the exhibit can be broken down into three general categories.

1) Sikh Weapons
Key weapons considered important to the Sikhs and seen on Nishan Sahib banners can also be found on Sikh coins. Some of the weapons appearing on Sikh coins include the katar dagger, tulwar sword and chakkar quoit.

2) Nishan Sahib Banners
Although very small and relatively crude in their depiction compared to paintings, nevertheless the banners depicted on Sikh coins still provide a level of details that are consistent with known patterns and styles appearing on Nishan Sahibs from the era..

3) Modern Khanda Like Emblems
Among this group are Mughal era coins that predate the Sikh empire and have had a stamp applied to them called a counterstrike. We also have a rare copper coin from the Sikh Empire with a khanda like image. None of these khanda like images can be corroborated or cross referenced with any similar emblems appearing on Nishan Sahibs or in use during the 19th century.