Weapons - Katar Dagger

A uniquely Indian design, the Katar is a very efficient and deadly dagger and was the standard knife typically carried by Sikh warriors.

The Katar unlike other daggers does not feature a standard handle but has a hilt consisting of two parallel arms connected by two or more cross pieces which form the grip and are set near the center of the weapon.

With a standard dagger, when held in the hand is at right angles to the arm and the force of the forearm drives it home when attacking. However the Katar is held by the cross grip like a naturally clenched fist and the blade is in line with the forearm rather than perpendicular to it, so that it is thrust forward like a straight punch. Not only does it have the force of the forearm behind it but also the weight of the body as well resulting in a much greater force when attacking.

The blade of the Katar which is triangular shaped is straight and double-edged. In profile the blade thickens as it approaches the tip. Due to the massive force of a Katar thrust, reinforcing the blade by thickening it towards the tip made it especially effective and deadly in piercing armor, particularly  chain mail.